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Fersch LLC was formed in January 2011 and practices exclusively in the areas of Matrimonial and Family Law in all five boroughs of New York City, as well as Westchester, Suffolk and Nassau counties.
Patricia Fersch previously worked at the Patricia Ann Fersch Family Law Center, which Ms. Fersch founded in 1994. Fersch LLC is unique in representing, with the same level of care and attention, both high-profile and high-income clientèle and economically challenged clientèle. Fersch LLC recognizes that most clients come to it at a very difficult time in their lives to discuss issues, such as their children, that are deeply personal and important to them.  
We are experienced in Divorce, Paternity and Child Support, Appeals, and Prenuptial Agreements. Contact Fersch LLL, today, we are here to help you through all Family and Matrimonial law.

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Posted Near , New York, NY 11423

Working on a post - divorce modification of custody for our client from New York.

Posted Near , New York, NY 10462

A divorce lawyer will make sure that you are protected. That is why our client from New York, hired us.

Posted Near , New York, NY 10312

With the daunting task of hiring a divorce lawyer, our client from New York knew he would need someone with the right combination of knowledge, compassion and integrity. That is why he hired us to work on his divorce case.

Posted Near , New York, NY 11434

Divorce consultation with our client from New York.

Posted Near , New Rochelle, NY 10034

Working on a case that involves down payments on real estate purchased during a marriage for our client that is going through a divorce case.

Posted Near , New Providence, NY 11358

Discussing Child Custody and Parenting Time procedure after a divorce case with our client from New Providence.

Posted Near , Mountainside, NY 11357

Consultation regarding Orders of Protection for our client from Mountainside.

Posted Near , Mount Vernon, NY 10460

Working on a post - divorce modification of custody for our client from Mount Vernon, NY.

Posted Near , Metuchen, NY 11366

Working on a divorce case which involves child relocation for our client from Metuchen.

Posted Near , Maywood, NY 11433

Working on a Spousal Maintenance case, which is the payment of money from one spouse to another during a physical separation or during and/or following a divorce.

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