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Fersch LLC was formed in January 2011 and practices exclusively in the areas of Matrimonial and Family Law in all five boroughs of New York City, as well as Westchester, Suffolk and Nassau counties.
Patricia Fersch previously worked at the Patricia Ann Fersch Family Law Center, which Ms. Fersch founded in 1994. Fersch LLC is unique in representing, with the same level of care and attention, both high-profile and high-income clientèle and economically challenged clientèle. Fersch LLC recognizes that most clients come to it at a very difficult time in their lives to discuss issues, such as their children, that are deeply personal and important to them.  
We are experienced in Divorce, Paternity and Child Support, Appeals, and Prenuptial Agreements. Contact Fersch LLL, today, we are here to help you through all Family and Matrimonial law.

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John G. Near , Bloomfield, NJ 7310

We are happy to be in our clients corner through the toughest time of their life. Every case we work on, we tend to be highly knowledgeable, highly experienced, compassionate, and tough. Working on a divorce case for our client from Bloomfield, NJ.

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John G. Near , Woodside, NJ 7928

Discussing custody determination after a divorce case for our client from Woodside, NJ.

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John G. Near , Woodmere, NJ 7735

Discussing establishing paternity with our client from Woodmere, NY.

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John G. Near , Woodhaven, NJ 7974

Grandparent Custody and Visitation consultations after a spouse divorce case, with our client from Woodhaven, NJ.

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John G. Near , Westfield, NJ 7737

Working on a Dispute Between Domestic Partners from Westfield, NJ.

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John G. Near , West Orange, NJ 8820

Working on a declaration of separate property case for our client from West Orange.

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John G. Near , Weehawken, NJ 7630

Consultation about civil annulment which means legally dissolving a marriage with our client from Weehawken, NJ.

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John G. Near , Verona, NJ 7624

Working a case that involves divorce and declaration of separate property for our client from Verona, NJ.

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John G. Near , Vauxhall, NJ 7023

Working on a child support case for our client from Vauxhall, NJ.

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John G. Near , Union, NJ 7452

Consultation with our client that wants to move with a child to a new geographical location and there exists custody and/or visitation orders for the other party and Child and/or the parties have never been in Court before but both reside in Union, NJ.

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